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Why choose Hawksearch?

Hawksearch is not only an innovative site search engine, but also it is employed by content publishers, developers, as well as eCommerce site owners worldwide. It provides a plethora of tools to support you give clients with guided navigation, produce quickly and exact search outcome, as well as keep up with relevant suggestions to anyone who looks for your website. It even includes a “did you mean” function which captures the intent of the website visitor’s query in situation of misspelled words and typographical errors. Furthermore, this platform processes beyond search solutions. It also attaches with tools for dynamic marketing, content spotlighting, and pagination and sorting. Plus, it provides stronganalytics choices to support you insight your search data better.

Besides that, it targets search result generation. Hawksearch includes the capability to identify the position of website customers as well as utilize their browser data. With this information alongside the query that each clients inputs, the platform can produce more search results that are more targeted to the interests of the clients.

In the other hand, it is also a powerful machine learning. Hawksearch either support your clients get information or it also archives information for you. It uses strong machine learning tools to decipher user behavior. It keeps track how they access and interact with your website, what links they are clicking on, as well as what they look for the most. This approach, it is simpler for you to optimize your site and search settings for conversion.

Moreover, it also boosts and buries rules. In order to support you achieve management over search results, Hawksearch offers a boost and bury rule tool that allows you to toggle the placements of results. With this, you can adjust product rankings for certain queries, making sure that the content you need to promote has a higher opportunity of ending up on the results page…Because companies have specific business-related requests, it is only prudent that they abstain from deciding on an all-in-one, “perfect” software product. However, it would be futile to try to come across such a software solution even among common software solutions.

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