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Tracking health could never be so easy thanks to the following apps

  1. Apps acting as assistance for autism patients

Magnus Cards is the name of an innovative platform specifically designed with the autism in mind. In other words, it will be an ideal option for people suffering from autism or other cognitive issues to do various tasks during the day.

The inventor of this app has a brother living with autism and he is not able to communicate normally like others. Thanks to the Magnus Cards app, users will be offered a chance to discuss every day in a wide variety of environments. In the future, the app is expected to collaborate with other companies to expand the popularity. This is the lively proof of how technology can make life easier than ever.

  1. Apps to update healthcare information

Danio Diary is a new platform created to bridge the gap between patients and their beloved ones as well as doctors. In other words, everything about the patient’s status can be updated on time for others to know.

The inventor of this app claimed that he took the inspiration from the time in which his mother had to stay at the nursing home and the hospital all the times. Thus, there was a lack of both communication and interaction between him and other healthcare vendors, which can be very annoying.

Thanks to this app, users will be able to set up a care community in which there are family members, doctors as well as healthcare vendors to update information about patients for everyone to know. To gain the security for the information, every input will be encrypted and only authorized users with a code can enter.

  1. Apps to take care of premature infants

There have been numerous platforms created to support parents to care for their beloved infants prior to giving birth to them or for infants that have just been given birth and are about to be taken home. Yet this platform called My NICU Baby is a new approach developed for those with either sick or premature infants.

More precisely, the app is created to offer families everything they need when being at hospitals such as basic baby care terms or requests needed to ask healthcare vendors. This multifunctional platform also even offers tracking methods to control your infant’s feedings and weight while you are able to capture different photos to save memories.

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