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Top DAW apps for creating music

Pro Tools 2019

Pro Tools is known as the industry standard DAW. This becomes the one you’ll look for in almost every professional studio. Pro Tools was built for traditional recording in a studio setting and it excels at every aspect of that process. Professional engineers fancy it for the speed of editing and the high quality mixing condition. Besides, it may have a slightly steeper learning curve than other DAWs, however it deserves putting in the time if you ever hope to work in a professional studio. Pro Tools offers multiple configurations such as the free, introductory edition Pro Tools First which is limited to 16 tracks. The premium, hardware accelerated edition is now named Pro Tools Ultimate and the standard native version is simply called “Pro Tools.”


GarageBand is called as almost a household name at this point. The free DAW grew up by Apple has carried out more for democratizing music production than almost any other music software. You may even be surprised to understand what hit records have been made on it considering it offers a free program that comes with all versions of Mac OSX. The useful tips that GarageBand provides in-app are written in easy language accessible to all production skill levels—you can learn a lot that way! Generally, GarageBand is an easy but effective tool for getting began with music production.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is known as Apple’s pro audio software product and Logic shares its user-friendly design philosophy with Garageband. If you began with Garageband, you’ll look for a plenty to love in Logic Pro X.

In the most recent versions, Apple has been concentrating on creating excellent built-in plugins that offers you a suite of all the tools you need to build great recordings right away. Couple that with intuitive MIDI and audio editing and a strong sample editor, Logic Pro X strikes a nice balance between feature and ease of use. Logic has even added pro-level function such as pitch and timing correction as well as convincing guitar amp emulation plugins natively in-app.

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