Top 4 L NOW Fitness Equipment

Top 4 L NOW Fitness Equipment

If you want to purchase, an L NOW exercise equipment. You are at the right track; the machines have become popular since they manufacture their bikes under a new name. The L now bike was introduced in the market in 2016. Currently, the brand has over 10 L NOW exercise bikes that are sold in different outlets. L NOW as always maintained the prices of the spin bikes while other brands have new and less expensive bikes.

Here are the top L NOW exercise equipment that may be relevant to your workout

1. Indoor Cycling Bike With LCD (LD-501)

The indoor bike is designed to be used in health clubs and cycling studios. However, if you cannot afford the bike, you can use the regular bike for spinning while at home. The bike has a perimeter of 35 pounds with weighted flywheel as well as magnetic resistance, thus providing good cycling feeling to the users.

The heavy duty frame supports user weight, thus providing a unique experience in the fitness industry. Unlike other spin bike models L NOW professional cycling bikes have the following features

  • Has a spring that absorbs the shock hence creating a smoother ride for you
  • The bike is quiet when cycling because of the belt drive system
  • Has a high-quality belt
  • Has magnetic resistance that is precise and maintenance free

The pedals have adjustable straps made from aluminum alloy with SPD that is compatible on both sides, due to this you can use the pinning shoes without changing the shoes

With Indoor Cycling Bike, you can enjoy the spinning exercise without back injuries. Further, the bikes have built-in sensors on the handlebars that send your heart rate into the screen while exercising. In this way, you can easily track your performance, calories burned, heart rate time speed, and many more activities. Generally, Indoor Cycling Bike is durable and worth your investment

2. L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike

The L NOW D600 is equipped with a fitness meter that offers a complex workout than the standard bikes. It can also track the sped, distance time, and burn calories. The indoor bike has sturdy construction that is similar to commercial spins bikes. Its features include

  • Cushioned four-way adjustable seats
  • It has a multi-grip handle that has to drop down bars
  • It’s equipped with standard resistance system for friction.
  • It offers impressive weight capacity. It has fitness meter that lacks in other bikes.

Overall, the exercise bike is perfect for intense and medium cardio workouts, interval and weight loss, as well as stamina development. Even though it is not among the cheapest model, based on its versatility and additional features over other models, we can conclude that it offers the best price

3. L NOW LD-577 Indoor Cycling Bike

The indoor cycling bike is among the competitors in the market and also the best. The primary thing that puts this bike above other competitive counterparts is the design. When a product is produced to be used daily, it has to have the best plan that will enable it last longer

Features of L NOW LD-577 Indoor Cycling Bike:

  • The frame used to build the bike has a standard H pattern that mimics the structure of the road bike
  • The seats of the bike are fully adjustable horizontally and vertically

When the bike is put together, you will not doubt its make. The frame designs allow hardcore workouts where you do not have to think about support or stability. You can go as hard as want without and injuries

4. L NOW Upright Exercise Bike (D808)

L NOW mostly features indoor and upright exercise bike models. The bikes are long enough in the market to fulfill the fitness required to their users.

The L NOW upright exercise bike is made of ABS plastic and steel. The unique design of the combination of black and white colors promotes an excellent decoration of the exercise bike, making it more attractive to the users. The bike accommodates up to 300 lbs of weight and can be used on a flat floor. The transportation wheels are essential in moving from one location to another within the floor. The bike also has hard bulk sensors that measure the heart rate as well as including the display records, the number of calories burned and distance covered. The bike incorporates magnetic resistance, which has eight different adjustable levels that cover all workouts ranges.

Features of L NOW Upright Exercise Bike (D808)

  • It is sturdy and stable
  • Has a smooth resistance and adjustable system
  • As the flexible and comfortable seat
  • Has a good quality display


If your priority low impact cardio workout, then L NOW upright is best for you since it fits your home workouts. With comfortable adjusted seats, upright bikes and strength indoor bikes is a must for your workout. Finally the L NOW bikes have excellent tablet holder that allows you to place your items such as magazines smartphones or even notebooks while enjoying your exercise.

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