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The top future technology trends in 2020

In a digital world in which everything is shifted including social, mobile, data and cloud and many others, you may be wondering where you are standing. To answer what you are asking yourself, you can take a look at the following latest technology trends that you can take advantage for your enterprise.

  1. 5G Network

The introduction of 5G is considered to be among the newest and latest technologies which can have a big impact on this year. According to many experts, 5G network would be the future of communication and this belief maybe true to some extent.

We will see many benefits brought by this innovative technology such as higher capacity and connection speed, less latency and so on.

Nevertheless, in order to apply the technology to all users, it is necessary for mobile network carriers to improve bandwidth while decreasing network costs. By the end of this year, it is expected that LTE adoption will have reached around 650 billion dollars.

  1. Autonomous driving

You may have once heard about such companies as Tesla, Alphabet and Waymo whose common aim is to create more autonomous cars. First and foremost, driverless vehicles are considered to bring about a lot of excitement when using.

For Tesla, it is claimed that the design for the next autonomous cars has been completed and is expected to make a big difference in the industry. They are going to release new and unique autonomous vehicles in this year and state that there would be over a million taxis driven and controlled by robots on the road in the upcoming time.

More precisely, these cars are integrated with such functions as automatic braking, automatic lane changing and so on. These features are being streamlined by taking advantage of data and analytics.

  1. Personal profiling

Nowadays, people life has been digitally integrated and data analytics is able to analyze a huge amount of information thanks to innovative technologies. Because of the fact that customer analytics is getting more and more important in entrepreneurs, the most updated trend is profiling consumers to see how they make use of the technology.

To make analysis for the gateways of profiling user patterns, we need to have answers to such questions as what social media applications people often visit, what pictures they often post and so on.

The hidden tip here for entrepreneurs is integrating and adapting to a user’s interest in terms of the newest technology. This is done to satisfy every customer’s needs and demands.

In spite of the clear fact that this technology is bring about a brighter future, there is still confusion that it is unknown information about consumer satisfaction in the personal profiling, the socially acceptable line and the differences between every customer.

After all, to conclude, we should wait for the trend to take place in this year and see how businesses as well as other organizations take advantage of it.

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