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The most valuable shopping applications in 2020

If you are a shopper regardless of any kind, let’s take a look at the following shopping applications designed for your mobile phones. All of them can be downloaded easily without charge and operate in different ways to help customers save money while shopping and after shopping as well.

Some of these applications are really helpful that you can receive coupons when you check out or you can get online discount codes. Some discounts can be used immediately when you complete your order and some others can be applied for your next purchase.

Also, these applications can also be utilized even if you are not a frequent shopper. You can be notified when something is on sale. Also, you can use them to see the place offering the most reasonable price to buy something.

This is just general information. Now let’s take time to read more details of these following shopping apps to see how technology has good impact on our daily activities.

  1. Flipp

Flipp is the name of an innovative shopping app offering different features. Thanks to this app, users can easily browse shopping advertisements, transfer coupons conveniently to their loyalty card, upload receipts to get money back and set up their own shopping list.

Moreover, Flipp allows customers to browse lots of deals by either store or category easily. For instance, you can choose a store if you want to see all the deals in that store.

What is more, the section called Load to Card can support users to seek for deals that can be imported quickly into their loyalty card. Eventually, they can apply them in shops when making a purchase, which is very convenient. Last but not least, you can use the Redeem Rebates function to scan the receipt and confirm that you did buy these things in order to redeem rebate earnings.

  1. Ibotta

Ibotta lets its users scan their receipts to receive money back on every purchase. Of course, you will not always receive money back for all purchases you make. However, it is a valuable application for you to take a look before you commit to anything, which you can seek for the most precious deals. That’s so attractive!

Your job is just to open the application and look for a store. This store may be the shop you made purchase before or the one that you intend to visit later. You can look for the deals provided by the stores and then add them to the My Offers box if you want.

After you get the receipt back, you can scan it by using the Redeem button to confirm that you made purchase there.

In addition, Ibotta is also in cooperation with other online shops. You can opt for the website you will go shopping and then open this website via Ibotta. Ibotta is able to control and managed what you purchase and then give you rewards to thank you for utilizing the app when shopping.

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