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The best way to repeat YouTube videos on a loop

I’s not hard to repeat YouTube videos than you might think. Normally you just want to watch a YouTube video once, but sometimes you’ll catch sight of one that bears repeating. White noise, rain effect, ASMR videos and ambient music are all main factor for infinite looping.

Despite YouTube itself doesn’t provide the way to repeat it automatically (just by physically clicking the ‘repeat’ button when the video has ended), there are third-side tools that make repeating videos become completely simpler.

Most of these are very basic and easy, however there are also some that provide some of handy extra tools in order to help you get more from your favorite videos and make them easy to loop just the part you need. Below are the best options out there for when you want to start all over again.

If you are particularly keen on music, you can want to check out this guide to best YouTube to MP3 software as well. Moreover, you can also take a look at our list of the best online YouTube downloaders to grab videos directly from your web browser, and grab some free video editing software for trimming and tweaking them.

1. InfiniteLooper

It could not be much simpler to repeat a video with InfiniteLooper. Both paste the URL into the box provided and use it to search for the video you want, then select the right clip and start playing.

If you only want to replay a part of the video (this means that skip out the explanation of the way to subscribe at the end, for example), you can use the sliders underneath the video window to select which portion of the video you want to repeat.

2. EndlessVideo

EndlessVideo is very same to InfiniteLooper, it allows you to either paste in an URL or search for a phrase to find the video that you want to repeat. However, there are some important differences.

With EndlessVideo, you can also create an account (or log in using Google) to save your looping videos, which makes it be easy to return to them at a later date. You might choose where the loop starts and ends as with InfiniteLooper, but you can also share it with a friend if you have found something that works particularly well.

In spite of appearances, the ‘Download’ button won’t immediately save your looped video; it’s actually a link to a program called VDownloader.

3. YouTube Repeat Button

YouTube Repeat Button is the particularly handy tool because it takes the form of a browser extension rather than a webpage.

If you want to use it, just install the extension and give it permission to change your YouTube settings. Currently, when you’re browsing YouTube using Chrome, you can simply hover over a video that’s playing and click the ‘repeat’ button that appears to the left of the ‘play’ button.

A smart way to repeat videos without having to switch to a different tab, or interrupt your YouTube browsing experience.

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