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Technology advances in 2020

  1. A new era of health care

In 2020, predictions for disease are expected to reach the genome level. When it comes to prevention, digital health care has experienced a lot of innovation and renovation. In the United States, such companies as 23 and ME and Color are the first ones to generate genome analysis. In Japan, we have Genesis Healthcare and in Korea, we have Genoplan. These organizations take advantage of genomic analysis to analyze diseases as well as offer more prevention methods.

Hopefully, the immergence of artificial intelligence will advance the treatment quality. This year, artificial intelligence will be integrated to MRI, CT scans and X-rays.

  1. The development of technology to help Agriculture improves in a considerable amount

In the agriculture industry, organizations providing products making use of computer vision, artificial intelligence and big data will turn up a lot. This year, controlling crops will be managed by technology, specifically computer vision.

Robots built by Abundant Robotics are able to harvest plants and fruits, which would be more popular this year. The technology used to advance the efficiency of crops will be improved by such indoor farming organizations as Bowery Farming.

  1. The development of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous driving has always been an attractive topic in spite of the fully autonomous development has not been turned up yet. For instance, vehicles made by Tesla can be automatically changed to autopilot mode when driving to the highway.

Moreover, technology that can be used to comprehend complex road conditions by artificial intelligence is appearing.

  1. The United States and China are two countries applying blockchain into reality.

Due to the fact that blockchain grows, such venture companies as Chainalysis are getting more and more attractive and popular, which is integrated with money laundering countermeasure technology.

In the year of 2020, big companies will start to release blockchain in protect the information before being leaked as well as Internet fraud.

  1. This year will be the new year of implementing a large number of chips integrated with artificial intelligence.

Recently, artificial intelligence chips are expected to achieve a better state so that this year will be a big year of artificial intelligence chips. Moreover, chips integrated with artificial intelligence will cost more reasonably and more specialized. In the upcoming time, more and more CPU chips will be equipped with deep learning framework, which is the major core to the designs. Apart from chips, artificial intelligence will innovate the computer structure while assisting artificial intelligence technology to design the unique architecture.

  1. The domination of deep learning technology to be applied more considerably

As you may have known, deep learning technology plays an important role when it comes to artificial intelligence. Thanks to this technology, the quality and efficiency of artificial intelligence apps will be advanced. In conclusion, in the year of 2020, deep learning will be widely taken advantage throughout a lot of different industries at a large scale in order to implement the innovation and advance transformation.

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