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Technological trends to see in 2020

  1. Hyper – automation

Hyper automation is born to improve task automation. This is a new app taking advantage of such high technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in order to automate not only tasks but also processes, which is really convenient and notable that the old automation abilities. This is a mixture of different machine learning, software and other tools to help the tasks be solved.

  1. Multi-experience

This new invention is born to solve the big change from 2D screen and keyboard interface into a new interface world which is more dynamic and unique. More precisely, multi-experience is a new technology focusing on immersive experiences including augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and many others.

As you may know, platforms enabled by artificial intelligence have altered the way by which people can make an interaction with the outer world. On the other hand, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are shifting the ways by which people can understand that world. This mixture will bring about new futuristic unique feature in the upcoming decade.

  1. Human augmentation

Human augmentation discovers how technology could be made use to improve cognition and physicality, which is an important part of the human experience. This new technology is able to increase human abilities in a both physical and cognitive way. Such businesses as Boston Dynamics have built a lot of human augmenting devices which can be applied to many use cases.

Nowadays, you can see a lot of different smart devices and some of them are wearables. New apps integrated with wearable functions can improve security and safety for those who work in mining industry. In other jobs such as retailing or travelling, wearable devices are beneficial to improve productivity.

  1. The distributed cloud

Distributed cloud is a new technology that changes the cloud. According to many users, cloud is an independent location and it’s somewhere people do not know. However, with the introduction of distributed cloud, the location of data centers is really vital. As a result, solving the regulation issues as well as latency ones would become a serious task.

To be more specific, the cloud is now being expanded to become a distributed cloud, which means different cloud services will be transferred to various locations. The public cloud vendor will be responsible for operating, governing and updating the services. This is completely new, which changes from the model of almost all cloud services to a new stage of cloud computing.

  1. The introduction of autonomous things

First of all, autonomous things are the physical devices making use of artificial intelligence to automate the responsibilities which were done by people. You can easily see the today models of autonomous devices, which are robots, drones, vehicles as well as other appliances. This technology is far from automation, which is supported by programming models using artificial intelligence to perform high tech behaviors in a more natural manner. In the future, it is expected to see more autonomous things applied to use.

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