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Originally, Sound Forge was grown in the early 1990s by Sonic Foundry. In the industry, it becomes one of the pioneering audio mastering and editing platforms. Sound Forge was sold to Sony Creative Software after Sonic Foundry changed their corporate direction in 2003. Sound Forge has become a leading provider of professional software solutions for mastering, audio editing and recording in the music industry for more than 25 years. The latest version of Sound Forge grown by Magix which is Sound Forge Pro 13. It was published on April 15, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. The latest update is comprehensively built to meet the demands of professional audio producers.

The new version of Sound Forge is impressive of new functions such as a fully customizable new graphical user interface that can be personalized to be suitable an personal’s preferences, an improved VST2/3 engine and ARA2 interface extension, high-quality audio visualization tools, among other updates which shall be mentioned extensively about in the functions section. It is upgraded from the previous versions of the software to Sound Forge Pro 13 which are available.

Sound Forge Pro 13 offers a redesigned graphical user interface which is headed at enhancing the workflow. The new user interface is now provided in 4 different color schemes. The color tones can be customized depending on your lighting condition. The 4 different hues you can select from are: white, dark, light, or medium. You can also customize the theme of the user interface to the one you like for maximum comfort.

There are also newly built symbols which are clearly arranged. This supports in making the finding of different features much easier when using Sound Forge Pro 13. The new design helps it much simpler to know where to click in order to save projects, start a recording, or cut audio files.

For every features you want, be it in recording or in mastering, there are presets present in every application. This is to make sure that the window structure is tailored to your demands. Additionally, you can also open, edit, convert and save, within a multitrack environment, different tkinds of audio, which may be from various sources.

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