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Some popular supportive technological apps

  1. Scales with rewards for progress

It seems to be more interesting to try to achieve a goal so that you can receive a reward, yet this innovative scale named Yolo Scale has been designed to be an equipment providing users with more motivation to live healthy.

In terms of operation, this smart scale will let users insert a goal that they would like to reach through an accompanying smart phone platform and check their weight at least one time per week. Users are able to get these rewards including discounted vouchers, good deals or gift cards for their effort that they have made to reach their goal. By this way, users can be motivated to work towards the goal.

Last but not least, this Yolo Scale is equipped with a water-resistant touchscreen for more convenience to use as well as Bluetooth speakers to play their beloved songs while placing it inside your home.

  1. Apps including soothing stories

Today, most people entertain themselves through touchscreens by using streaming services, checking their news feed or reading online newspapers and this new Bedtime platform is able to remove all the light and noise for users to fall asleep easily on a daily basis. In terms of operation, this app comes with both ASMR-style for telling stories and a sleep tracking for users to fall asleep quicker and then sleep more deeply.

As you may have known, sleeping tracking platforms are now widely utilized with a lot of fitness wearable devices coming about, yet there is still a lack of apps aimed to help people fall asleep easily. And Bedtime comes into play as an ideal solution.

  1. Virtual appointment platforms

Push Doctor is the name of a new app that sets up schedules for virtual doctors to have an appointment with each user.

This app lets users have approach to a huge number of doctors and connect to them through a video call. For each appointment, user will be charged 20 pounds and with that price, they are even able to register for an unlimited membership. What is more, users can utilize the platform either on app or on website, arrange a visit with a doctor and after a few minutes, they can get a video call lasting 10 minutes. During the visit, healthcare experts from the app can deliver their patients with specific prescriptions or other notes to help control the illness.

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