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Smart apps designed for emergent cases

  1. Healthcare services provided through application

Healthcare is often supposed to include having an appointment with a doctor to discuss some symptoms, yet this new service named Ask an Expert is provided as a new solution for people to receive assistance from any location.

The service is designed with Babylon Artificial Intelligence service and can be benefited from the app named Samsung Health offered on several Galaxy smart phones within the United Kingdom. Users are able to have approach to this service in order to arrange a video visit with a physician instead of having to go directly to the clinic while they can make a check for their symptoms directly on the system as well as monitor the prescriptions.

In conclusion, this new service is provided as a proof that smartphones can act as a tool for people to stay healthy at all times.

  1. Special apps designed for women

It is estimated that one in three women will have to cope with urinary sometimes in their life, yet this new app named Squeezy turns out to be capable of removing that estimation. First and foremost, this app comes with pelvic programs involving both exercises and schedules for women to work out so that they can prevent themselves from that uncomfortable experience.

Squeezy is designed with a simple exercise regime for any user to use, yet they are able to customize with the information provided by their own physiotherapists according to their specific needs. As a result, it will not only offer all the guide by which users can carry out lots of exercises but also send push notifications acting as reminders during the day.

  1. Meditation apps created for prescriptions

Meditation, in this modern society, can be accessed easily via technological means, yet Headspace is going to revolutionize that concept with its Headspace Health app.

Apart from some relaxing and comfortable effects which users can enjoy from meditation methods, these benefits are also documented in a good way. In fact, Headspace promises that any meditation provided there will be able to assist people in reducing pressure, concentrating more and sleeping better. This app is going to be available within two years later and is considered to be first prescription app in the world coming with FDA approved programs. Last but not least, the programs provided on this app are aimed to deal with a huge number of chronic diseases.

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