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Ocenaudio is known as a free sound editing program which runs well in order to prepare audio recordings for submission to eBird and the Macaulay Library.Plus, Ocenaudio is also a destructive editing program, which means that if you edit a file and then use the “Save” feature, the file will be permanently altered to response the changes you made. To deal with this problem, the Macaulay Library suggests keeping two copies of your original sound files (one on your computer and another on an external hard drive), and causes edits to a third copy. With this method, using the “Save” feature will just make changes to a file that you have specifically designated for editing goals.

Editing a single sound file

It can be prepared in just a few easy steps if you have a single sound recording that you’d prefer to add to an eBird checklist. The first step is to listen to the recording, look for where the first sound from the purpose species happens, and then highlight the three seconds immediately before that sound. It looks at the waveform of this recording, you see that the three seconds that are highlighted are “clean audio,” with no recordist noise or prominent, potentially confusing background species. In a case as this, you should contain this three-second buffer of ambient sound in the final sound file that you put in to eBird. However, if there is any additional audio before the buffer, go ahead and remove it. After trimming the beginning of your recording, go ahead and carry out the similar thing at the end of your recording which find for the last sound.

In some cases, it is not possible to build a clean three-second buffer immediately before the first target sound. In the sound file, the target species, Lazuli Bunting, starts singing near the 4-second mark. If you included a three-second buffer in this case, the loud controlling noise would protect us from normalizing the recording. Therefore, you will instead build a shorter buffer that ends immediately after the controlling noise, which creates a clean one-second buffer before the first Lazuli Bunting song.

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