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New technology trends that will make our 2020 different

  1. The big development of artificial intelligence in terms of production

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in people’s life. As you can easily witness, such big brands as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant come up with device ecosystem. In this year, artificial intelligence technology will have a big impact on production with the support of emotion recognition and computer vision.

  1. The deployment of the Internet of Things

In spite of the fact that the Internet of Things is really popular, there are not so many mainstream apps currently like what people expected. It is forecasted that the number of both connected items and mainstream apps will increase thanks to 5G network.

Recently, Amazon introduced Amazon Go, which is integrated with the Internet of Things and machine version technologies in order to allow customers go shopping without having to check out manually. What is more, environments will take advantage of sensors as well as other technologies to allow for different IoT solutions. Apart from Amazon, some other companies also release the same devices.

  1. Edge computing is more and more necessary.

Because of the fact that more effective sensors and bigger artificial intelligence models can release many new apps, there would be higher demand on edge computing hardware this year. Today, users are in need of inferring more data and then making decisions instead of delivering that data to the cloud.

Currently, such chip companies as Samba Nova, Graph core, Wave computing and so on have been making effort to deal with this increasing demand. As a result, a lot of artificial intelligence chips are born to process more effectively.

  1. Quantum computing to be commercialized considerably

It is predicted that this year will be the year of quantum computing. Because of the fact that the amount of data is increasing day by day, we need quantum computing to help solve the problems in such industries as health care and energy. In the upcoming time, big data could be dealt to meet the needs of cancer treatment, managing nuclear energy and analyzing DNA.

  1. The immergence of aerospace technologies

In 2020, it is expected that people will return to space, especially private companies. Due to the Cold War, technological improvement has not been as fast as expected. Some companies which are focusing on aerospace improvements can be listed as Space X, Blue Origin and so on.

More precisely, Space X is making its new rocket named Starship taking advantage of the whole body of a vehicle. This ship will shorten the time travelling to space by from 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. A new stage for Internet with 5G network

In this year, the United States and China will compete together for the 5G network. This competition is aimed at propelling 5G quicker for customers.

Above are some of the hottest trends to see in 2020. It’s time to wait for the influences brought about by those updates.

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