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New technological updates to see in the new decade

  1. The democratization of technology

The democratization here means the process which influences on the approach to technology. To be more specific, this approach will become easier and easier to be accessed by people.

The democratization of technology refers to the capability of offering users access to either technical or business uses without the need of costly training. Because of the increasing number of developers, this is really highly appreciated. In the past, automation was controlled and managed by IT. However, now the invention of robotic process has altered all. Currently, we can see many new developers turning up such as business analysts dealing with business issues as well as programming digital workers to support them. This trend is mainly about app development, data analytics, design and knowledge. They may be the tools invented to generate training data that can solve issues related to model development.

New technologies invented can improve user experiences when using and approach newly born technological products and services.

  1. The empowered edge

Edge computing is a computing technology by which information and content can be processed, collected and delivered more closer to the sources as well as consumers of the input information.

Thanks to this technology, latency will be reduced so that the edge devices can be more autonomous. Edge computing was a technology derived from the requirements of IoT systems to bring about either wireless or distributed abilities to the IoT world.

According to a technology expert, edge computing will become a notable factor among all industries due to the fact that the edge would be empowered with more complex and major compute resources as well as data storage. Some intricate edge devices can be listed as robots, drones, autonomous cars and many more, which will improve this change.

Finally, this will improve the importance of devices for smart spaces and make everything come closer to users.

  1. Crypto currency and Practical blockchain

In spite of the fact that block chain has been existed for a long time, it has been deployed rather slowly due to some problems related to techniques and management of the technology. It is high potential that blockchain will reshape many industries by offering transparency and giving value exchange throughout businesses, lowering the cost, reducing tasks and many other benefits.

Blockchain could be more beneficial in other cases, including identity control. More precisely, blockchain is integrated with smart contracts so that actions could be managed conveniently. For instance, payment is made as soon as customers receive products. Nevertheless, this may result in technical issues such as low level of scalability.

Regardless of what challenges are, the big benefits brought by blockchain that many organizations are receiving prove that blockchain would play an important role in the future while some people may not expect it to be used.

Nowadays, such new technologies as artificial intelligence and the IoT are integrated more, we can anticipate to see blockchain’s development in businesses in the upcoming time.

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