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MixPad Multitrack Recording Software

MixPad Multitrack Recording Software is known as a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Windows. The audio production software is also a studio mixing department replacement and attaches with a wide range of function.

You can use the application to combine media files, add audio effects, compress output, and upload files to cloud storage. It performs various functions which is as easy as dragging and dropping files in the timeline, which makes the software quite efficient and suitable for non-commercial recording sessions. It is also offered for download on Mac devices. Although MixPad is considered a professional audio production tool, its interface doesn’t resemble a studio dashboard. For advanced users, the tool is rather simple-to-understand and provides several functions for combining and editing. The drag-and-drop feature also comes in handy making it simpler to upload and edit several files. On opening the dashboard, you have a choice to record and combine an unlimited number of tracks, simultaneously. You can even connect MixPad’s extensive library to look for royalty-free audio tracks, sound clips, and music files. You can use the software to make comprehensive mixes and records because the number of files you can edit is unlimited.

Apart from adding audio files for combining, you can use the software to show edits. You can use it to sample various tracks, rip files, change the pitch, and add effects such as EQ, reverb, compression, and fade. It is considered that the library also includes a plenty of royalty-free sound effects, you can freely use them for both individual and professional projects.

By using a big number of tools and functions available on MixPad Multitrack Recording Software, you can generate your music or podcast. An added advantage is the fact that the software provides VST plugin support. This means that in case you look for the tool lacking in some audio affects or instruments, you can add them using third-party plugins. You can even incorporate the application with other NCH software and create a comprehensive recording and production studio on your PC. It is optimized to process a big number of data without any delay. The sample rates offered for MixPad are between 6 kHz and 96 kHz. The software also gives support for ASIO for accurate recordings.

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