Lady Gaga’s @ Home Concert Benefit

Lady Gaga’s @ Home Concert Benefit

Live from Wendy's apartment in New York, it's the Wendy Williams Show at Home.

♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ Now, here's Wendy! ♪ Woo ♪ (audience cheering) Hi.




I'm so upset.

Well, it's not gonna crush my world, but it's making me a little upset.

You know I love my stuff.

And this used to work like something good.

And now it's not working so good.

Okay, look, here's more stuff.

It's a piece of art.

Don't you love it? The artist's name is Felix Semper.

He's been on our show before, except I had this in our old home when I used to live in Jersey, and it used to stand up straight, and then I used to be able to bend it around like an accordion, you know, and display it like art it is.

But now, it doesn't stand up straight anymore, and I think that's because.



(audience laughing) Like it doesn't stand up like that anymore.

Felix specializes in everything being made out of paper.

And that's fine, except, I think that if you clean too much, like I think I might do, you know, you get all your cleaners all in here, and now it doesn't stand up straight.

I gotta.



Felix, are you watching? Copy, copy, copy, copy.

Did you watch the concert over the weekend? There were a few big ones.

Like, there was one in, they're promoting or it either played already in Jersey with Jon Bon Jovi and them.

There were a few of them around the world.

But the big, big, big, big big one that was everywhere was the One World Together, invented by Lady Gaga.

It was such a great thing.

They raise so much money, they raised over $127 million, and everybody who's anybody was a part, from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Lopez, who goes everywhere, to John Legend, The Rolling Stones, they were all there.

Anyway, in other Gaga news, she's got this guy she's been involved with for like three months, and has already professed her love to him.

His name is Michael Polansky.

Do you know who that is? He's some sort of real smart guy.

Like money and smarts and good education and everything opposite of what Gaga is.

Is that good for her? Yes.

I've always rooted for, you know, the master divas to have the love of their life to be some guy who was other than what they do.

Like I couldn't picture Lady Gaga being with, say if he was single, Jon Bon Jovi.

They have rival careers.

Norman, do you know what I mean? Absolutely.

She doesn't need like another superstar.

She's so big already.

Norman, were you watching? I did not watch the Lady Gaga telethon.

What? (audience laughing) I was like, glued to my Instagram waiting for Babyface to battle Teddy Riley.

Okay, another thing that I was like, all right, there was no battle, they're both great.

One is 64, the other is 54.

They both put out so many hits that I can't even breathe.

All right, so it started late from what I understand.

Now, how late did it start, Norman? Well, it was supposed to start at nine, Babyface didn't show up at till like 9:20, and once he did show up, Teddy Riley, his audio was awful.

It was so bad they had to just like, shut it down and they postponed it.

Postponed the whole concert? The whole thing, postponed.

I was like, ready to watch it, I was like gonna- Did you have to pay? No, it was free.

It was free on Instagram.

And where was Babyace this whole time? Babyface, who is just getting over the Coronavirus himself, was in studio.

While Teddy Riley had a whole setup, 30 people ready to go and nothing worked, couldn't even hear it.

And so, what was the outcome, Norman? It just sucked.

Everybody was pissed.

Toni Braxton was pissed, Tamar Braxton was pissed, Mariah Carey was there and she was pissed.

So, Khloe Kardashian, which, this is not a story about Khloe, this is more of a story about mothers and fathers, or parenting.

Khloe says that she wants to have another baby.

And, just take a look at this and then we'll talk.

So what happens if we have another girl? What's gonna happen is you're gonna have to buy it all over again.

Who's having another girl with you? Listen, I'm just saying, True does need another sibling, so.

Right, so, I might get some embryos and get a sibling.

I might need to borrow some sperm or get some from you, but we'll figure that out later.

That's a whole other episode.

Okay, I get it.

I totally get it that it makes life easier if all your kids are from one parent.

But, how does that work once you get your second love of your life, you know? It makes things a little complicated.

In a perfect world, and the world is not perfect, but yes, all children would be from the same mother and father.

It makes visitation easier, it makes going to graduation and making important decisions easier, excuse me, it makes all that stuff easier.

But at the cost of what? Personally speaking, I'm not in that place.

First of all, I don't have any more eggs.

Second of all, I'm not in that place, you know, where I could, you know, go back and have another child with, even if I had eggs.

(audience laughing) But I understand what she's saying.

I think that Tristan has, and will move on with his life.

Like Khloe might have one more with Tristan, she'll get the eggs, what, frozen and stuff? And then she'll get them inserted.

It won't be the natural sex, right? And then she'll have the second baby if they elect to do this.

But then he's still young enough, and a basketball player, you know, he'll be dropping seeds every place before you know it.

(audience laughing) I don't know, Khlo.

And then Khloe says she'll never fall in love again.

You mean you'll never fall in love again, unless he's a black ballplayer? Go on with that.

All right, so over on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards says she's quitting the show.

Well, I saw this with as little interest as the concert situations.

I always feel like I'm watching the same thing.

But take a look and then we'll talk.

Either way–I'm done.

I'm not (beep) doing this.

Denise!Don't say this (beep) word.

There's something you wanna run from, paying so much, that's the worst thing you can do.

We're on camera, don't say a (beep) word.

You're leaving, why? I'm sure they'll fill you in.


I am not doing this, you guys.

Stop, I'm, stop.

Bravo, Bravo, (beep) Bravo, I'm out, I'm not (beep) doing this.

So, Denise, you ready to talk about all of this? ♪ I'll wear my crown proud ♪ So, Denise, first of all, you're not going anywhere, Saint Denise, and I still call you Saint Denise.

By the way, you look terrific.

Did you see how she grabbed, if you watch the episode, her husband's hand and dragged him out of that party and told him, don't say an effing word? She cursed at him, and was dragging him out of the party, and said, “We are still mic'd up, don't say a word.

” Well, what she was upset about is that she allegedly had an affair with Brandi Glanville, a one night stand, allegedly, while the girls of the housewives were on their usual trip, they go fancy, they were, you know, in another country.

And it might have been a night where everyone had a little too much, you know, and got lifted, and then they fell into bed with one another.

Well, I'm gonna tell you something, and this is just me talking to you.

I couldn't believe it.

'Cause look, Saint Denise, we only call you Saint Denise, because you've really cleaned up your act.

You take care of the kids, the animals on the farm, you take care of, you know, you were taking care of your father, you know, you obviously are taking care of this man.

He seems like a decent man who fought, who obeys your wishes.

And you still look terrific.

But here's one thing that we will never forget, where you got started.

With Char.



Come on, Norman.

She got started with Charlie Sheen.

(audience laughing) Now, you know, you get started with Charlie Sheen, there is nothing innocent about that.

Right, with the tiger blood and the winning.

She knows all the tricks, up and down and all night long, with everyone and everything, with a pulse.

(audience laughing) Denise threatened to quit the show.

I don't think she's gonna quit the show.

I think that Denise will be back to the show.

She's just trying to garner attention.

You got my attention, but not in the way that I believe you.

♪ Feel feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it, feel it ♪.

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