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For instance, you can set the device to warm the bed up during your sleep and make the bed become so hot to wake you up on time.

Smart controllers for your bed climate

This innovative system dubbed Bed Jet 3 is able to allow users to have the best rest by letting them customize their beds, as a result, they can fall asleep quicker as well as have enough sleep. Designed to become an intelligent method that can hack users’ natural biorhythm, this unit can be adjusted to users’ demands taken from the accompanying platform to warm up or cool down the bed before and after going to sleep. For instance, you can set the device to warm the bed up during your sleep and make the bed become so hot to wake you up on time.

Last but not least, this controller is also equipped with Wi-Fi connection for you to use with Amazon Alexa system so you can monitor with your voice, which is more modern and smarter than ever.

Intelligent water bottles

Lyd is the name of an intelligent water bottle which is designed with an automatic mechanism with 360 degree approach. To take advantage of the bottle, users need to tilt or touch the top surface of the device using their lips. After that, water will automatically flow and stop when the contact made by your lip is broken. Through this method, you will not need to worry about any spills or accidents.

Another highlighted feature is that Lyd is insulated to keep your drinks either hot or cold at your wanted temperature during the day. Last but not least, this product can be charged wirelessly, which gains the convenience for the item.

Keyboards that can remove pressure for users

A lot of jobs today require people to type during a long time, which can lead them to pain or strain. Understanding that problem, the product named Jestik Kinesis KB600 Advantage2 keyboard has been devised to act as a relief.

In terms of operation, this keyboard is able to allow users to maintain their hands at the most comfortable position when they are typing. The keyboard is separated into different parts to help users keep their bodies in a neutral position to reduce the pressure, pain and so on.

Last but not least, this innovative keyboard is also equipped with thumb keys aimed at palm supports as well as low-force key switches for a comfortable feeling when typing.

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