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How you can rate different clouds storage providers to choose the best one

As you may have known, cloud storage services are so popular that have attracted a huge number of users currently. The technology, a part of cloud computing, is able to store the data in the cloud as well as sync it throughout different devices and even more use cases. For instance, users can utilize to preview and share files, collaborate in working, play songs and videos and so on.

Uploading files to the cloud can help users work with their teams more effectively while freeing space in their hard drive. Moreover, if unfortunately the hard drive is lost or attacked by a disaster, the files are safe on the cloud. Everything such as documents, movies and so on should be moved to the cloud for better protection.

Cloud storage services include a lot of things that you need to take into consideration and this article is going to clarify the most prominent factors that you should use to rate different services.

  1. Sharing and syncing files

As you may not know, the foundation of a cloud storage service is sharing and syncing files. The reason is that you may start to use these features firstly when you use cloud storage. Syncing means getting your files to the cloud and sharing files mean sharing with others. Currently, most services make use of the common model of sync developed by Dropbox.

This popular model comprises of a system tray icon as well as a sync folder. This icon can be used to have approach to your cloud storage. As usual, it will open your sync folder including a link used to open the cloud storage web client and the settings menu. This folder shows all the documents that have been synced to the computer.

What is more, a lot of services will allow you to share files by utilizing the desktop client but all of them will let you do so using the web client. You are able to share content to social media networks through mailing by duplicating and then pasting a link or inviting other users to your folders.

Folder that you invite others to see can have various permissions attached to them whereas links will have their own content control options such as passwords, download limits and so on.

  1. Features

Regarding to features, you should check if the service you are gonna choose integrates with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office Online, Google Office Suite, Trello and so on. Many famous services come with their own applications such as apps for managing tasks, apps to take notes and so on.

Dropbox has Paper, Box has Box Notes and One Drive has One Note. These are all apps to take notes that you can easily read their comparison online.

If you are a photo and video lover, you should pay attention to know which service can help you stream your multimedia from the cloud.

  1. Mobile applications

As you may know, iOS and Android are the most common mobile operating systems and almost all services provide you with an application for these above platforms. Nevertheless, including an application does not mean that it is totally good. Therefore, you should test all the mobile apps to make sure that they can match their desktop partners.

  1. Security and safety

When considering a cloud storage service, security and safety must be the first priority. If you ignore this factor, you may end up experiencing a lot of problems later. For instance, robbers can steal your credentials or someone can read your secrets easily. Hence, having good security plays a very important role that you must consider before choosing a service.

Cloud services take advantage of a lot of different methods to make your data safe from possible risks. Firstly, two-factor authentication will prevent hackers from being able to steal your password and access your account. You should be sure that you have set up a strong password.

What is more, ransomware is able to take your cloud data hostage yet ransomware protection methods can help you avoid this problem.

  1. Privacy

Your security strength may work really effective but that is not everything which can make sure your privacy. Thanks to laws such as CLOUD Act, governments can spy on their citizens. Due to these factors, it is a must that you need to make sure the privacy of your information on the web.

  1. Pricing

Of the most important factors when considering a cloud storage service, we can not ignore pricing. A good cloud storage service is the one that has price which is suitable for its offerings.

The value is evaluated by how much you can get from what you pay. The more plans a service has, the better your choices would be. It is a good deal if a service can provide you with a free plan or trial that you can take advantage to test before making decision.

  1. Easy to use

Similar to the above feature, ease of use is also as important as pricing because in spite of the fact that the service may have great features, it should not be an ideal option if users still find it difficult to use.

For this reason, a service offering convenient user experience is more effective than the one which is intricate and requires users to ask for help from an IT engineer to use. Also, cloud storage services had better be able to work on most operating systems and include a well-designed interface.

  1. Speed

The speed is fast or not, which will depend on how close you are to a server and your Internet connection. In this category, it is highly recommended that you should choose services that you can tweak transfer settings in order to improve the quality of connection. This can help you speed up the process while updating files that have been uploaded already just by sending what you want to change.

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