How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

already I know you don't want to get sick I mean who wants to wake up in the morning with a hundred two degree fever nausea body aches I have all the tips on how to not get sick right here more socks when your feet get cold your entire body gets chilled even your nose and mouth what your body's doing is protecting you from losing heat by redirecting blood to your vital organs but that's bad because now you have no immune protection in your nose from the viruses and bugs that live there year-round more honey I hate the term superfood all that is is a word created by marketers to make money but the food that comes closest to that term is honey not only does honey help control your cough as good or better than some over-the-counter cough suppressants but it also has antibacterial properties there's such thing as medical grade honey that's used to help wound heal when antibiotics aren't working so instead of white or brown sugar throw some honey in your tea bless supplements say I need those broke actually no you don't it's never been proven that vitamins will prevent you from getting sick all that is is marketing hype designed to sell you these and all you're doing is flushing money down the toilet literally because you pee them out more [Music] there have been a few interesting studies that have even surprised me about getting hands on getting massages having sex those things seem to have boosts of the immune response so it's not unwise to get cozy during winter time less stress stress can really get the better of you if you let it I said no phones see what I mean when your body is stressed it creates something known as cortisol which is a stress hormone that actually hampers your body's immune response so relax meditate a little take a chill pill more exercise exercise boosts your immune system not only does it improve your white blood cells and the antibodies which fight off all the viruses and bacteria within your body but exercise also prevents your body from releasing stress hormones exercise with light or moderate intensity and do that even if you're already sick as long as you don't have a fever less alcohol no thanks despite you feeling warmer when you're drinking alcohol your body temperature is actually dropping which can hurt your immune system and its ability to fight off infection Oh drink the alcohol kill the germs no it doesn't complete myth busted done no kill it if you're sick or getting sick do not drink alcohol it'll only hurt your immune system disinfect your phone and your digits yeah I'm looking at you you poop on your phone bacteria that normally lives within poop lives on your digits and on your phone and forget poop bacteria think about all the places that you put your phone down all day on the table on the floor it's covered by viruses and bacteria listen normally I'm not so anti bacteria I don't believe that we should be killing bacteria all the time because there's such thing as good bacteria but in this case sanitize your hands and your phone more water it's so important that you stay hydrated because when you don't have enough water your body isn't able to maintain your immune system flush out toxins and when you're sick your body loses more water than usual more sleep it's the cheapest and most effective thing out of all of these tips when you don't get at least six hours of sleep the amount of natural killer cells Falls by at least 50% and they're your first line of defense to kill the bugs that can get you sick and I'm not trying to scare you here if you get less than six hours one night that's fine but if that becomes a chronic problem a long-term problem and you build up sleep debt that's when infection can really set it more flu shots you know more people getting flu shots not you getting more than wonderfully whatever the flu shot is our biggest protection against the flu everyone that's older than six months of age yes that includes you should get the flu shot there are very few exceptions I want to put this thing to rest no you cannot get the flu from the flu shot yes there can be a coincidence and you can get the actual flu from somewhere else but not from the flu shot remember it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to actually kick in oh not afraid of the fluids the same thing as a cold no it's not the flu virus claims over 30, 000 lives per year in the u.


less antibiotics some of you think that when you have the common cold or the flu and you'll take antibiotics that you'll recover quicker that is not the case antibiotics work against bacteria not viruses which is what common colds and flus are by taking antibiotics you hurt the good bacteria that's within your stomach causing diarrhea and other sorts of problems within your gun also when you take antibiotics unnecessarily you raise the chance of something called antibiotic resistance which is the creation of something called a super bug there you go just a few things to keep in mind but remember if you do get sick from time to time it's not a problem in the long term it just makes your body stronger stay happy and stay healthy check check check check check shit not all when you don't get that sleep guess what you don't have that optimal function stress can really get the better of you if you let it I'm waiting dude if Y unless you're gonna go like so how is this Peugeot getting things like massage getting things like massages there have been a few studies that have piqued even my curiosity there have even been a few studies that have piqued my curiosity so hey you know it's okay to get sick from time to time in the long run it's gonna keep you healthier and more refreshed and whiter teeth [Music].


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