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How to live healthier thanks to the contribution of technology

  1. Virtual healthcare solutions enabled by blockchain

As you may have known, it is not easy at all to control your health and wellness in a suitable manner, especially when it comes to travelling over distances. And if you are making effort to balance your life and your health, you may appreciate this technological service called Doctor Smart, which is powered by blockchain for you to interact with both doctors and physicians even when you are living in another country.

With that benefit, this service will be an ideal option for those who often travel. The brand claimed that users will never need to wait more than one minute to enjoy the service. What is more, this medical service will satisfy specific needs by providing users with video charts and virtual appointments with only one touch of button. Thus, people living outside the country can even get medical assistance quickly and securely.

  1. Track your sleep with narrators

Calm is a name of a meditation platform designed for relieve stress and provide a better sleep for users, which has recently been updated with its new feature named Sleep Stories.

The new technology is named as General Data Protection Regulation, which is an ideal option to come with a lot of regulations based on private and personal data. This innovative update is created for people to easily fall asleep when hearing the sounds of the updated news. This update is totally private and the document seems to be rather boring.

  1. Apps to keep track of medication

This new platform named Mr. Pillster has been designed for users who are in need for taking medications every day to make sure that they will never forget to drink pills on time on a daily basis. In terms of operation, this app will allow users to insert everything about their medication into the app and then set up a specific schedule which can send alerts to them when they have to take a dose. What is more, the app is also able to control how long they have been taking a medication in order to share with their personal healthcare vendors.

In conclusion, this platform is considered to be an ideal option for those who are seeking for an organization when it comes to daily medication, which is really important to fight against sickness.

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