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How to enhance health with technology

1. Physical therapy apps

As you may have known, the physical therapy industry has been upgraded very much when it comes to how patients are required to do exercises with such solutions as this Kiio app coming about. First and foremost, thanks to a convenient interface, the system supports patients effectively to carry out different exercise regimes provided by their individual practitioners and then the progress of patients will be tracked to make sure that they are making enough efforts.

One of the most challenges with regards to personal physical therapy is that it is not difficult for patients to remember which exercises they needed to carry out or how to perform them in the right way which they were taught before. Last but not least, this platform provides them with a chance to make a check for their own plan whenever they want to.

  1. Safety apps using heart rate

A company named Heart Sync has recently released an innovative unique safety platform and called it SAFER, which is specifically designed to save the life of policemen through taking advantage of their heart rate to know whether it is required to call for help or not.

In terms of operation, this app knows how to learn when the heart rate goes up and goes down depending on the safety threshold and at which point it will be able to alert other colleagues automatically. Moreover, it is also able to take control over the officer’s location to include that information when making calls.

Police officer is considered to be a dangerous job when the bridge between life and death is really short. Thus, it is always necessary to develop such solutions as this.

  1. Mobile apps to navigate healthcare vendors

The app named Children’s Hospital is a useful system used for healthcare navigation, which will enable users to have access to personal hospital document as well as other data related to health. What is more, the app is also able to provide users with recommendations and useful treatments for people just by clicking on the body part that they are having problems with. In the future, the app will be updated with more features such as calculating the waiting time at numerous medical vendors.

For families, this platform is playing a very important role when it comes to integrating technology into their lifestyle. More precisely, thanks to it, people can enjoy a better medical experience.

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