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Healthcare should be focused more with the introduction of these innovative ideas

  1. Innovative counselling platform

Spill is the name of an innovative counselling platform which is created to help people receive counselling services more easily and quickly with a reasonable cost than what we used to take advantage in the past.

In terms of operation, this platform will require uses to only pay for a monthly fee while being able to have access to one counsellor from 50 qualified ones, who they can communicated with even when they have not booked an appointment before. And every counsellor is qualified with at least three years of experience so that you are never worried about the service quality.

It is undeniable that sharing sorrow and troubles in life is not easy at all but now everything seems to be easier with your smart phone.

  1. Apps to log meals

Those who are too busy to have enough nutritious meals on a daily basis or even forget to eat, which can lead to lots of negative impacts on health, may appreciate this platform called Eat More – an innovative access to make sure that you are always healthy.

This app operates by enabling users capture a photo of their meal and then submit it to their profile. After that, they are able to understand everything about what they have eaten during the day while also being informed to eat on time due to notifications which would be sent through the app when it’s time to eat. As a result, this app speaks to the demand on upgrading lifestyle in terms of eating habits.

  1. Experience healthcare in a virtual way

A company located in Canada has recently collaborated with a hospital to bring about a totally new virtual experience with children in mind. More precisely, those who are suffering from such medical procedures as colonoscopies can learn better about the immediacy of their own condition and health status.

This app called Health Voyager takes advantage of the patient’s data and then processes a virtual model. Thanks to the assistance offered by 3D goggles, children will be led to a tour of their personal anatomy.

In conclusion, this virtual reality health experiences will offer kids an opportunity to have some agency during different procedures. As a result, it will promote more respect towards little patient as well as making parents’ life easier.

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