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Healthcare industry has been updated with more innovative platforms coming about

  1. Medical apps for emergent cases

VITAL ICE is the name of a new medical platform which is created to deal with urgencies quickly. More precisely, both responders and medical experts can deliver the most suitable care on time for those who are in need by basing on the medical information provided by the patient.

In terms of functions, this medical platform is utilized by users to save medical records and then make use to share information with doctors when it comes to allergies, medical history, contact information and other details. After all, responders can access to the information easily to save life of users on time.

  1. HIV Test feature

The new feature Grindr HIV has recently been updated to satisfy the demand on testing HIV according to a huge number of people. As you may have known, Grindr platform is considered to be the mostly used dating app designed for bisexual people with about 3,6 million users every day. Thus, this innovative feature coming about is aimed to save their life. In terms of function, this new feature is able to deal with this public health issue while many people are not paying attention to.

It will make use of a notification system to notify users so that they are aware of testing HIV in a period of three or six months. What is more, this app takes advantage of its current geolocation technology for users to seek for a near clinics.

  1. Devices to keep track of epilepsy

It is estimated that one percent of the world popularity suffers from epilepsy and about 30 percent of whom are not capable of using a medical treatment. Nevertheless, such solutions as this Epihunter would come about to be an ideal tracker for any immediate changes in terms of small kids.

In terms of operation, this device will work in conjunction with a headset and a smartphone via an accompanying app. When the headset realizes any absence seizures which are not easy to notice, it will send notifications and collect the data as well. As a result, the platform will provide parents with a chance to respond suitably to the docot and be highly conscious of any changes. The data gathered from this device can be viewed conveniently on website. It is a very necessary device to have at home.

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