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Hawksearch is famous for a flexible and renewable site search engine that supports content publishers, eCommerce professionals, and developers in bringing a best-in-class and refined search experience to their clients. In addition, built depended on open source Apache Lucene and .NET, Hawksearch serves to different enterprise demands like highlighting of products and contents, the personalization of marketing campaigns, and streamlining the development aspect of on-site search.

Hawksearch offers users with the capabilities to attach up with search outcomes that are related to what site visitors are looking for, regardless of the vocabulary they are using to their search queries, their spelling mistakes, and how sophisticated the terms they are applying. They can also manage the display of search outcomes by achieve insights into specific data, behaviors, or attributes; and by boosting the popularity of certain products or contents.

The site search engine attaches with a set of tools built to support users proactively and dynamically execute their marketing plans and strategies. These tools allow them to install conditional boost and bury rules to impact the placement of products and contents in search outcomes or listing pages, pin items to highlight them within pages, schedule content-based campaigns, and built landing pages to facilitate outcomes highlighting and raise conversions. Besides, Hawksearch also brings intelligent autocomplete function that automatically show top outcomes, common searches, and customizable facets as site visitors are typing in their queries.

In order to enhance the ranking of their pages and and the search ability of their products and contents in search engines, Hawksearch offers users tools for such goal which enable them to instantly produce SEO-friendly sitemaps, test facet matches, retrieve data on common searches and send it to look for engines, and install descriprive facets to widen crawling activity. Hawksearch enables users to configure the appearance of search user interfaces so site visitors will be able to smoothly navigate and interact with the search outcomes. Hawksearch is created with reporting functions which contain a customizable dashboard where users can achieve insights into the searches that are leading higher conversions. They can also incorporate the search engine with third-party analytics tools to evaluate search data and performance.

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