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Hawksearch Advantage

Achieve Insights Into Searches Through Machine Learning

It is breeze to understand the search activities and behaviors of site visitors using Hawksearch. This is because it is featured with a machine learning ability which can observe and interpret the search queries being created by site visitors, the approach they interact with the search outcomes, the contents they are clicking, and the searches they are abandoning. This leads that users will be able to achieve insights from all of these and do merchandising and marketing strategies that will support them bring more related search results.

Shape And Expand Buying Choices

The site search engine is a perfect tool for bringing a search experience wherein clients and site visitors are able to look for and buy the products and items they need while having the chance to discover familiar products and items. In other hands, Hawksearch allows them widen their buying opportunities without the demand to abandon the things they originally need. This is also very helpful for business owners, as they can simply raise conversions and sales.

Display Relevant Recommendations Through Trending Content

Hawksearch offers related suggestion functionalities which streamline how users recommend products to their clients. It offers a trending content feature by which they can show articles that talk about the products or items that most site visitors are searching or buying.

Highlight Best-Selling Items

Besides, they can also show those products or items that most site visitors are purchasing in a separate area by using the best seller feature. By this functionality, they can see sales data to identify those products and items that are producing higher sales, classify them as best sellers, and display them to site visitors.

“Also Bought” Functionality

Hawksearch offers a complementary item feature which shows the products and items that are most of the time being bought in combination with the products or items that clients are containing in their search queries. Site visitors will be able to rapidly identify such products and items since they are labelled with “customers also bought.”

Content Spotlighting

Hawksearch is also another tool ideal for running marketing campaigns. This tool is got for showing custom contents for promotions, events, sales, and other activities that are tailored to targeted site visitors and search queries.

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