Funelback is known as a highly configurable web site search software which is built for higher educations, finance, government, media & publishing, not for profit, and legal industries. It is also an innovative search solution that solves information issues such as basic website search and multi-faceted enterprise search. Besides, the platform leverages the best-of-breed machine learning technology to automatically tweak the algorithm of a website thus enabling users to search several information repositories and files simultaneously.

Moreover, the software is ideal for search-based applications and is typically supplied as a company search or vertical search solution. It shows strong auditing, enhanced analytics, and optimization tools that empower users to pinpoint chances and issues within their content. Funnelback provides quickly and pertinent outcomes, and it can simply be adjusted to meet the search requirements of any organization. Some of its notable features include flexible result presentation, metadata quality reporting, app growth platform, tunable ranking algorithm, content optimizer, and document level security.

It was established in 2000, and Funnelback is a leading-edge search and understand engine cited by leading analysts for its visionary insight engine. Funnelback also empowers your company to build better, more personalized user experiences and the strategic insights to drive conversions.

A complicated search platform is offered for both site search and business search, Funnelback also provides prebuilt solutions and tools across verticals from finance to higher education. Each edition also contains world-class web governance tools like an Accessibility Auditor, Content Auditor, and an SEO Auditor out of the box. It is powered by machine learning and advanced algorithms, Funnelback allows your users to surface just the content they want, just in time.

It can be realized that it is efficient. Funnelback’s Enterprise Search technology is created on a strong platform capable of indexing an unlimited number of documents, controlling query loads, and managing sophisticated query types.

Besides, it is also intelligent. Funnelback’s ranking is relied on 70+ aspects, with machine learning that automatically tailors the algorithm to your site, surfacing the most related content every time. Funnelback’s self-learning capabilities make the heavy lifting for you, offering your staffs connect to the secure information they need.

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