Everything Supermodel Tyra Banks Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

Everything Supermodel Tyra Banks Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

– Tyra Banks here, and thisis everything I eat in a day.

(relaxed music) The first thing I dowhen I wake up, sadly, is I check my phone.

I can't help it, I runa lot of businesses.

I have a huge one that I'mlaunching and I gotta start as soon as those eyes open.

I love me some coffee, and I like my coffee with a little bit of flavor in it.

And I'm not talking aboutthose syrups and those powders, I just mean the beans havebeen soaked in some vanilla or some caramel infusation.

Is that a word? And so I make my coffeeblack, no sugar no cream, just my infused flavor.

And then, lately, I've been doing a bagel.

But let me tell you how I do my bagels.

I take my bagel, plainbagel on a day that I'm not gonna be in front of somebody's face, onion bagel if I'm gonna bespeaking closely to people.

Wait, I said that opposite.

Funky breath if I'mgonna be close to people! Okay, flop that, you know what I mean.

I cut the bagel in halfand then I scoop out all that extra bagelizationand put that on the side.

Then I take my whippedcream cheese and I dig deep into that pot of it and Ifill up the entire scooped-out bagel rounds like a moat.

But I'm not finished yet.

Then I take that plate of thatmoated cream cheesed bagel and I put it inside of the microwave, and I shut the door and thenI set it for 20 seconds.

And then what starts tohappen is the molecular makeup of that cream cheese starts to change.

It's like a science project.

And when you take it out of the microwave, it's not just heated, oh no.

It's creamy and it hasa slightly tart flavor that it didn't have pre-microwave.

I blow on it, becauseif I take a big bite, it's gonna burn mylips, so I have to blow, and then I slowly bring itto my mouth and I bite.



And I try to get the cleanest bite, but there's whipped cream, cream cheese, whatever cream, all over my lips, and thenI lick it and I lick it until it is all gone.

(laughing) At work at ModelLand, theteam is working nonstop, and we often don't have timeto take a break for lunch.

So I go into our snackbox and I just go, hmm, do I want corn chip, ordo I want sesame bar? Which sounds weird, but it is so good.

Or do I want some kindalike natural licorice, or do I want some beanchips, or do I want some, like, cauliflower puffs? And sometimes I wantevery single one of those.

And so for the rest of theafternoon, I open bag after bag and eat them one byone until there's like, nine bags in front of meand I feel disgusting.

I have a very interestingrelationship with food.

I have to say that it is one of the most important things in my life.

A lot of my personal life andthe things that I like to do and my hobby is food.

Finding new restaurants, doinga challenge where I can't go to the same restaurantagain for six months, finding food festivals.

I love a supper club.

It is a true, very important thing to me.

So much so that right now, youcan't tell because I have on a men's blazer, I am 25pounds heavier than I was on the cover on a veryfamous swimsuit magazine that came out last year.

So it's like, you're tiredand you're working hard, you just go to this fastfood and this fast food and this fast food andyou compare the burgers.

So I'm 30 pounds heavier, and it'll come off one day.

But not today.

For dinner, I love doingsomething that's a little special, and it's a little bit indulgent.

I go to a delivery appand I choose two different restaurants with the same cuisine.

Let's say Mexican.

Let's call this place La Rancha, and let's call this place La Burrito Titi.

La Rancha, I will order nachos, I will order nachos from La Burrito Titi.

I'll order enchiladas concarne, I'll order one here.

And then they comealmost at the same time, and then there's the taste test.

I do it with my son, I do it with my man, we line it up and then wescore the different restaurants with the same items, and what happens is, the next time you order, youknow where to order from, 'cause one of 'em is always nasty.

I cook a couple of different things.

One thing that I recently cooked, that I have to say that I perfected, at the Culinary Institutenear Napa, California, is my sriracha maplebacon jerky candied yum.

I take bacon, it must be cured, and it must be very smoky, and I create a sauce on theside that is maple syrup, but it has to be fakemaple syrup, not that fancy Canadian stuff, and some sriracha.

I mix it into this, like, wonderful elixir, then I dip the bacon in that, dip dip dip, dip dip dip, dip dip dip, and then I lay the bacon out, and then I like, actuallygrind pepper all over it into big chunks, I place it in the oven, and I have to watch it so it doesn't burn, but it starts to almostcrystallize and caramelize and then it starts to jerky-ize.

That is a word.

It starts to jerky-ize, andthen it comes out of the oven and it is almost like candy.

It is so good.

And that's everything I eat in a day.


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