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Different cloud computing vendor options to trust this year

As you easily witness, currently a lot of companies and individual users are taking advantage of storage services based on cloud computing instead of continuing using in-house or local storage hardware. More precisely, your documents will be saved in the cloud, which is much more convenient and simple. You can easily understand that your data will be on someone else’s infrastructure, maybe the data center, server or hard drive and so on.

From the moment Amazon released its storage online solution with the Simple Storage Service, which is also known as S3 13 years ago, Google data shows the high demand on Cloud Storage has multiplied by 40 times over the last decade. People are now more interested in online storage.

Today, there are a lot of cloud storage vendors on the market. Therefore, it is highly advised that you should opt for a suitable vendor that is able to provide you with the highest necessary amount of storage and bandwidth with a reasonable cost while keeping your data secure.

This article is going to present some effective options for cloud storage that you can take into consideration carefully to choose one. To do this, you had better read in details all the terms and conditions as well as the service quality.

iDrive cloud storage – a cloud storage solution which has the ability to cover network drives

First and foremost, iDrive provides users with continuous syncing of files even when those documents are on network drives. The web interface allows you to share files via email, Facebook or Twitter. Another good thing to hear is that files which are deleted already from your computer will not be removed immediately from the server. As a result, you do not have to worry much if you accidentally delete something which is vital. Maximum 30 files backed to your account will be kept retained.

What is more, IT staff have approach to an app called IDrive Thin Client so that they will be able to back up or restore, control settings and other functions through a centralized dashboard.

In terms of images, you can enjoy the facial recognition function so that you can manage and organize them automatically while syncing them from all the connected devices. Moreover, iDrive comes with the feature iDrive Express in which you will receive a physical hard disk drive. To be more specific, if you lose all of your data, it will allow for the swift restoration of all backed up files.

pCloud cloud storage service – an ideal option for keeping your very large media documents

in spite of the fact that some bandwidth limitation is real, there seems to be no restrictation when it comes to the size of files you will upload. So you do not need to be worried about how large your media files when you use pCloud. This service is applied to all platforms, regardless of desktop or mobile devices. Users can sign in through the website. This company registered itself in Switzerland which is famous for its strong privacy laws. To make sure, you can also pay an amount of around 5 dollars per month for the feature pCloud Crypto so that you can lock or unlock your personal files with passwords.

Zoolz cloud storage

Zoools cloud storage is an effective option even if you are an individual user or businesses. It comes with an easy manner for users to follow interface with ideal web management solutions as well as the capability to connect cloud operations with external storage.

This company located in the United Kingdome takes advantage of the Glacier infrastructure of Amazon to offer a balanced price and performance ratio while prices are more reasonable than other rivals.

Degoo cloud storage – a new company with many features

Degoo cloud storage service includes such good points as good mobile applications and reasonable prices. However, 2FA is only available through Google and desktop utility needs to be improved.

The company comes with only two services and has to control over 15 million users since its first release in 2019. More precisely around 20 thousand people decide to join Degoo every single day. It is among the very few cloud storage companies all over the world encrypting saved files and spreading them throughout four different continents.

Mega cloud storage – security is priority.

The most prominent advantage of Mega is its easy-to-use feature. Thanks to a free tier and a simple interface, the company located in New Zealand is among the most leading cloud storage vendors. It offers a convenient mobile application that will allow you to upload files as well as pictures and sync clients with desktop devices.

It is confirmed by the provider that all the data stored in its cloud will be encrypted on users’ devices before it is delivered to the servers. Users will also receive the source code so that they can make sure there will be no vulnerabilities to their documents.

There are different options that come with different prices. You will receive 50 free gigabytes at first. Then you need to pay around 6 dollars each month for 400 gigabytes and around 12 dollars a month for 2 TB.

One Drive cloud storage – a good solution for Windows users

One Drive is integrated into the File Explorer of Windows 10. Users do not need to download any extra applications. Thus, this service is really convenient for people who have already used the newest operating system of Microsoft.

The Photos application of Microsoft is also equipped with One Drive in order to sync pictures through all the devices. What is more, recently, the feature Autodesk AutoCAD has also been integrated into One Drive. Those who are utilizing the drafting tools of the software may really highly appreciate this update. Last but not least, you will also enjoy a new feature named Personal Vault, which will give you an extra layer for security.

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