Coronavirus: Answering mental health questions related to COVID-19

Coronavirus: Answering mental health questions related to COVID-19

my friends welcome back to coronavirus let's talk facts not fear as we mentioned we're joined by dr.

Jesse on outlaw to talk about mental health if you have questions we'd love to hear from you text them to us nine one six three two one 33:10 all right with dr.

outlaw first question doctor I'm so bored at home what fun things can I do what what would you advise people to do who are cooped up in the house that's an excellent question the first thing that I would say is that we need to do all we can do to reestablish a sense of normalcy for ourselves we've been turned upside down just in terms of what a normal day looks like for us and so it's really important that we do everything that we can to re-establish that normalcy even if it's as simple as cooking doing some household chores talking to friends and family whatever it is that makes us feel good in the defense of normalcy we need to make sure we do those things okay next question I'm trying to work from home but my kids want my attention now there's a lot of people who are working from the house and the kids are home and they've been home for a while so you're trying to get work done how do you balance that that's an excellent question as well so any little little balance is going to be very important and certainly if you have to work from home the first thing is that you're going to have to make sure you meet the requirements of your job but I do think it's important that we understand that balance and anything is important and so a sense of how much time do you spend with your child or your children is something that we have to keep in mind and be conscious of so at some sort of a break or end of the day you want to make sure that you allocate time and make sure that your children are being attended to as well as well as your spouse you're saying it's gonna bother that's important as well that's that's good feedback okay this is in that same genre a little bit but for people who are at home let's say the adults I've gone on walks binge my TV shows you got the kids kind of looking for things to do how do you preserve the family dynamic yeah that's an excellent question as well I I really want to promote for everyone the idea of being creative at this time we've been turned upside down once again and you're kind of cooped up in the house and you have to get creative so we can come up with ways in which we can you know bust out the old table games we can certainly create treasure hunts for the family if it's just shilling you're seeing other you can do wine and art which both people are creating the same image we can even do some vacation planning at this time even if that's going on a virtual vacation there's lots of things we can do but we have to be creative and we have to understand that this is our we have to hope that this is a temporary thing that we will get out of being creative is certainly important yeah I think that's all good points plus you know the kids can go outside they can go in the backyard they can go on a bike ride they can go for a walk with the dog so it's not just being confined to barracks here they can do some things and they need to come up with some stuff as well all right here's another one from someone I can't sleep with all of this going on how can I get one night of peaceful rest what what do you say to people who are like most people are completely stressed out about their jobs their finances they do they just want some something to hang on some positive here well the first thing that we have to realize that we are in a state of abnormality this is an uncertain time for us all and there's a certain level of stress and and just kind of uncertainty that we all have to endure so I'm really just kind of calling everyone to calling their own personal resiliency and understand that this is not going to be your normal everyday night so some level of not being able to get that entire restful night's sleep it's kind of expected other than that what we can do is whatever really makes us relax at the end of the night and we want to call upon that some people like progressive muscle relaxation techniques some people like meditation some people like warm tea whatever it is that works for you you're going to have to make sure you capitalize on that and do as much of that as you can well our next question it kind of circles back to having the kids around 24/7 now but let's focus on the mom the dad or the caregiver the grandma whatever whoever is home with the kids what can I do to keep myself from losing my mind and and you gotta think everybody has a pretty high level of stress right now about this whole thing not only am I going to get sick you gonna get sick the wife the kids loss of job loss of money what's the big picture you know you'll have some psychologists and maybe you do this with with breathing techniques or something which I find works sometimes but not all the time what give me some gold here well once again I think and it's it's a very hard concept to grasp but we are really in a state right now that is so different than our normal everyday situation everyone is stressed out everyone is really in during a daily uncertain or ambiguous situation and that's really tough if we expect that we are going to be in this uncertain time and come off emotionally normal we're kind of up for failure right there so I think there's a certain level of us just having to understand that we need to endure this time as best as we can certainly call Ann upon family and friends and making sure that we're doing things around the house that makes us feel productive and some sense of normalcy is about all we can do in terms of sleep once again you're going to have to understand that your sleep is going to be somewhat affected and we have to make sure we do the things that relax us to get any sort of sense of that yeah at least try anyway and then find like you said everybody's different hot team might work hot chocolate or breaking that cycle of sleeplessness where you just get out of bed walk around the house and get right back to bed sometimes that works for people dr.

OTT Laura thank you so much we do appreciate the free advice we got a lot of people here who are texting us who obviously have concerns as everybody does in this country thank you sir.

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