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Best MacBook for students in 2020

There are a lot of reasons to get one of the best MacBook for students. The main concern for student is its easy portable. You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy laptop when you’re sprinting across a campus to make it your next lecture. Moreover, MacBooks also boast enough power to get you through schoolwork and post-school entertainment.

It cannot be denied that MacBooks aren’t exactly the cheapest laptops than other branches, but the best MacBook for students isn’t as hard to get as you might think. Students and parents can find great deals out there to get one, as well there are quite a few refurbished units that sell for cheaper. Depending on your finance and needs you can pick and choose a type of MacBook suiting for you.

Below are the best MacBooks for students 2020 has to offer.

1. MacBook Air (2019)

From the MacBook Air (2018), Apple refreshes it with True Tone technology on its screen and more reliable keyboard. However, there’s an uncompleted thing that the specs haven’t been updated which actually makes us to think that there might be a bigger update by early 2020. Besides, this version is better, hardware-wise, and is certainly powerful enough for most schoolwork which are two reasons making it deserving of a spot on this list.

2. MacBook Pro 13-inch (2019)

The MacBook Pro 13-inch (2019) is the best MacBook for you, if you want more power than the MacBook Air, and don’t want to pay more for the bigger MacBook Pro 15-inch to lug around school as well. The MacBook Pro 13-inch (2019) is proud of newer internal components, making it more powerful than ever. This model also improves on it so that it’s quieter and more reliable, even though there’s a controversy about Butterfly keyboard. It’s easy to offer the MacBook Pro 13-inch (2019) to students for its portability and power.

3. MacBook Pro 15-inch (2019)

If you need a powerful machine which allows to contain everything you want to do, then consider the MacBook Pro 15-inch (2019). It is the useful version for offering an ever-increasing amount of power for tasks like photo and video editing, app development, scientific programs, illustration, and music production. With hexa-core 9th-generation processors and up to 32GB of RAM, the MacBook Pro deserves a spot on our best MacBooks for students list without breaking a sweat.

4. MacBook Air (2018)

The MacBook Air (2018) is famous for slimmer, slighter and finally got a Retina screen, without adding any bulk. Because it’s almost as light at 2.75 lbs, it’s ranged the top of the list of Portability-wise. If you are looking for a machine that most of what you’re doing is writing papers, putting together presentations, or doing research on the web, the MacBook Air (2018) is a great pick for you.

5. MacBook (2017)

If you’re looking for a MacBook that’s easy to take with you wherever you go, there’s no doubt MacBook 2017 is a best choice. Because the12-inch MacBook is an ultraportable and lightweight laptop, it’s still deserving of a slot on the best MacBooks list for student. MacBook 2017 can support basically everything under the sun with its Thunderbolt 3 port.

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