Best High Paying Job You Can Start From Home Today! | Dan Henry

Best High Paying Job You Can Start From Home Today! | Dan Henry

– In this video, I'm gonnashow you the number one job you can do from home right now.

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All right everybody, my name is Dan Henry.

I'm the founder of GetClients.

com and the author of “DigitalMillionaire Secrets.

” I'll leave a link tothat book in the comments where you can get it for free.

Anyway, let me ask you.

How frustrating is it to be stuck at home, and not be able to make income? Right? It is frustrating.

So what are the best jobsto do from home right now? Now you could argue, one could argue, that things likeaccountants, and bookkeepers, and stuff like that would be a good job, because you can effectivelydo it from home.

Medical coding, et cetera, et cetera.

But let me propose a different idea.

All right? Now, let me tell you a quick story about a client of mine named Tim.

And I've told this story a few times, because it's just an awesome story.

But Tim is a client of mine.

And he is a photographer.

Now, he really can't do much for photography right now, because, we're all stuck at home.

So he can't go do weddings, he can't go do that type of stuff.

But, he knows something about photography.

Just like many of youwatching this video know stuff about you know, whateverit is you're into.

Your hobbies, or whateverit is, et cetera.

And so, Tim joined my program, and we taught him how to create a digital product, meaning an online course, in his particular case it was an online course.

We teach you how to do coachingprograms and all that stuff.

But, in his case, it was an online course.

And he did $65, 000 in three days, while at home, teaching other photographers (laughs) how to take better pictures of birds.

Literally, how to doaction photography better.

Meaning outdoor picturesand stuff like that.

It wasn't a make moneycourse, it was just how to be better at outdoor photography, right? And that's a greatoffer right now, because what other photos are thereto take then outdoors, okay? So, here's the thing.

The best job that you can do right now is working for yourself.

Selling your own businessselling your knowledge online.

Okay? Going online and offeringwhat you know for sale.

So, how do we do that? How do we position ourselves in a way in which we can actually do that? Well, I mention this in my book, “Digital Millionaire Secrets.

” the best thing to do issit down and think about what have people asked me for advice for? What can I help people with? What do I know how to do that someone else would want to know how to do? And it doesn't have to be something crazy.

For instance, I know people that have made fantastic livings teaching simple things.

Like how to use Microsoft Excel.

How to jump rope.

There's a very popular YouTube channel where the jump rope guys, where they teach you how tolose weight by jumping rope.

I mean, and they do very well.

So, you don't have to belike, how to be a millionaire, how to be a body builder, or any of that.

Or, how to get your ex back.

Those are classic offers, and they still do well.

But, you don't have toteach something like that.

You could teach somethingbasic like how to skateboard.

Or, how to pass the SATs or, just a variety of things.

As well, let's say you don'thave any knowledge, right? You could sell somebody else's knowledge.

So there's a guy named Andrew Warner.

He's the founder of Mixergy, and what he does, is he interviews prominent entrepreneurs, and then he sells accessto those interviews.

So whether it's your knowledgeor somebody else's knowledge, the best job right now that you can do is to sell what you know, or what someone else knows.

And you can do this rather quickly, because one of the things that we teach in our program, and inmy book is that you, instead of creating a product, per se, an online course, and then selling it, it's better to sell itas a live class first.

Teach it live, get feedbackfrom your students, and then release it as a refined program.

So, for instance, let mejust grab my book here and I'll give you an example.

“Digital Millionaire Secrets, ” right here.

By the way, I willleave a link to the book in the description whereyou can get it for free.

But, in this book I talk about this, okay? And what it is, is we do what'scalled a Whiteboard Webinar.

And here is where it getsreally great for beginners.


Most people that look intoselling online courses, they get this belief in their head that they need to create sales pages, webinars, free videos, bleh, bleh, bleh, in order to sell theirproducts and services, and that's just not true.

Do you see this board right here? See this board? This, it's not a whiteboard, it's a easel, but it's the same thing.

Right? This right here, I haveliterally taken my phone, the same phone that I'm holding right now.

I've taken a marker, I'vegone live on Facebook, I've taught somethingfor about 20 minutes, and then made an offer to buya premium version of that.

Or an extended training.

And people (snaps fingers) buy like hotcakes.

I have taught people to sellthe very first iteration of their offer on nothingmore than this right here, Facebook Live, or wellyou're on YouTube, but, taking their phone andgoing on Facebook Live.

A whiteboard, and a marker.

What's the whiteboard cost, 20 bucks? Right? And not buying into expensive software.

Not buying into, doing sales pages and webinars right off the gate.

And this is what I calla whiteboard webinar.

And so, literally, you can go from, I have an idea of what I could teach, to a whiteboard webinar, toselling a first iteration, to teaching it live, to having your first set of students, your first injection ofcapital within a week.


Okay? Just like so many of myclients have done that, and people that have readmy book have done it.

They've literally read mybook, they've read this book, and within a couple weeks, they're making money, and they're helping people, right? And this right here, thisright here will teach you how to, especially right now, start something, start something, from home, and make a lot more money than you could at a normal job, by doing what you love, teaching what you know, helping people, doing yourpart to change the world, and doing it from home.

Which is where we're all at, right now, during the COVID-19.

And honestly, if this is laterand you're watching this, past this whole pandemic, all this still applies, okay? So listen, I want you guysto get some more help.

I hope this YouTubevideo has been helpful.

I hope that you're inspired to take action.

And if you want some help doing that, you can grab a copy of my book for free, I'll leave a link in the description.

You just pay shipping and handling, and I'll actually send youthis book out for free.

Okay? And don't worry, we'll wipe it all down before we send it out.

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See you guys in the next video.



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