Best DAW apps for creating music


Bitwig studio was introduced in 2014 by a group of former Ableton developers after an extensive testing period. Bitwig boasts some inspiration from Ableton, however it has pioneered its own creative workflows and composition methods. Unique modulation choices, powerful hardware integration, and song writing-friendly tools help Bitwig a solid choice for any creator. Bitwig is simple to learn if you’re just beginning out with recording software and offers you lots of room to grow.

Studio One 4.5

Firstly, Studio One is Presonus’ entry into the DAW scene. Although it’s fresher than other DAWs, it is really coming into its own with Version 4.5. Studio One 4.5 is attractive some uniquely strong tools you won’t find anywhere else. Besides, it’s proprietary high resolution internal MIDI protocol which permits for smoother parameter changes in MIDI parts. And the dedicated hardware interfacing plugin allows you to use outboard gear simpler than ever before. The workflow in Studio One 4.5 is concentrated on creativity and inspiration. Moreover, its “songwriting first” design helps it simple to compose quick which you can even output printable scores and lead sheets from the parts you make in the DAW. Though Studio One 4.5 may seem like a bit of an underdog, that offers it a plenty of space to innovate and the results are impressive.

Ableton Live 10    


Ableton Live becomes one of the largest players in the DAW scene for nice reason. Plus, its inspiring workflow and intuitive “session view” has made it a favourite among electronic producers. And Ableton’s designed-in sampling and synthesis plugins are extremely high quality sound-design tools. Its composition workflow is one of the simplest and best for getting results quick. The session view even permits you to jam your arrangements live by trigger videos and loops in various combinations. If that weren’t enough, Ableton goes to release perfect sample packs to their huge library of content you can use in your tracks. Ableton has provided the insanely flexible Max digital signal processing environment with Live as Max4Live since acquiring digital audio legend Cycling ‘74 in 2017. This helps Live the most versatile sound design tool out there—there’s a lot to love!

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