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Audacity is known as a common free audio recording & editing software. It is got widely across the world and it is very user friendly. It has made recording & editing very easy so that everyone can get a go without needing any extensive training. It helps a number of plug-ins & libraries that can widen its feature .

In addition, Audio editors are mushrooming over the internet. A few audio offer clear & high quality audio for blockbuster movies. It is one of the very best audio editors available which is Audacity. This software for audio editing offers free of charge , versatile & available for everybody . Besides, Audacity is a piece of sound-editing software. It is known for being open-source ( free of charge ) and providing cross-platform compatibility. It also includes an additional function which is Beat Analyzer feature. Without effecting the general quality of sound. The people can make the beat of a particular audio slower or much quicker through this extra function. Moreover, Audacity is used for making & editing the podcasts. Bands can utilize the software for creating rough demos of their songs. Any recordings can be exported into recognizable audio files like MP3 and WAV. The tool named LAMEC encoder is necessary for exporting files .

In the other hand, Audacity can record new audio through the microphone. It can also import an existing audio recording. It can cut , copy & past portions of the audio clip and it can delete background noise. It can narrow down or amplify the volume. It can record in Mp3 & create audios , such as the edition of material .

Furthermore, Audacity can manipulate the speed, pitch & tempo. It can fad in & out and it can export the clip in different formats including MP3. You are able to put in new tracks into the same clip , making it simple to lay in background music or sound effects , that can then be edited independently of the main track. It can edit  with WAV , AIFF , FLAC , MP2 , MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files (OGG) .

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