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Apache Solr features

Enable Location-Aware Search

Apache Solr offers a very impressive feature that can be used for producing content depended on the position of the person making a query. This function is known as spacial search. This kind of search takes into consideration the geographical position of the searcher and uses geometric data kinds for finding combinations. Geometric data kinds consist points, lines and polygons. The platform helps such data kinds and produces outcomes that displays spatial relationships between the geometries. This location-aware search function of Apache Solr can be widen to mobile applications. This is because mobile apps can find, arrange, and filter content basing on the positions of the app users who are doing the searches.

Enrich Your Content

By Apache Solr, the indexing process offers a flexibility. This is because it ensures that users are able to collect data from various sources and keep up with indices that include rich content and documents. This is improved by the platform’s incorporation with Apache Tika, a content detection and analysis framework which can look for and extract information from various file kinds in such a way that users do not have to write or execute any code. Additionally, the platform in itself can place data even if it is not built and stored using the JSON file format, a widely-used and open-standard file format used for changing data between applications and producing site content. Apache Solr can carry out data from XML and CSV files, Microsoft Office documents, and other file kinds.

Rich And Powerful Administration Interfaces

Apache Solr is created with wide and strong administration interfaces which help it simple for users to track what’s happening throughout the platform as well as achieve whole management of their Solr resources and instances. For example, it includes an interface where they will be able to connect reports that give them insights into activities being showed within the platform.

In case they want to review the queries they created and try alternative queries, the platform offers a query interface where they can immediately check queries and apply them to their data.

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