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Slice And Dice Data Through Pivot Faceting

Through Apache Solr, users can arrange their data in several ways, enabling them to break the information into categories and sub-categories. This is named faceting. Faceting is a method of slicing and dicing information so that it can be seen and analyzed in different dimensions. This way employs algorithms that define how data is broken down and gathered into facet types.

In addition to, Apache Solr implements a faceting function named pivot faceting. By this function, users will be able to establish various sophistications so that they can break down their search outcomes, documents, and data in many ways. For instance, if someone comes in the word “restaurants” into the search box, the search outcome can display a list of the top 3 US states with restaurants that includes 4 or 5 star ratings, indicating the number of 4 or 5 star restaurants present in each state. Via pivot faceting, this can still be broken down using a various scenario or a sub-category. So except from displaying the top 3 states, the search outcome can also produce a list of cities in those top 3 states that includes 4 or 5 star restaurants, offering the number of 4 or 5 star restaurants for each city.

Automate Content Discovery

Apache Solr goes with content discovery functions which allow searchers to rapidly look for and connect whatever content or data they are searching for. Like they type in search queries, the platform offers spelling recommendations, supporting them check the spelling or words they are typing in. The platform can also automatically recommend terms or phrases related to what they are looking as well as give them the capability to instantly finish a word or phrase without the demand to type the entire word or phrase.

Configurable Hit Highlighting

As part of its content discovery function, the search platform provides hit highlighting function. By this functions, portions or fragments of the documents that combine the queries made by searchers and include the terms or phrases they typed in are highlighted. Due to this, they will be able to focus on specific areas of the document where matches happen. Plus, this feature is configurable which makes sense users can define the number of characters and the size of the fragments that is necessary to be highlighted.

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