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An overview of some valuable and effective cloud storage and file sharing services

The importance of cloud storage and why it is so important

Cloud storage, in fact, means storing data in a far location but can be accessed from any device. Cloud storage can gain higher efficiency and productivity when it comes to backing up and making your data safe. It offers a lot of different advantages while businesses and companies only need to pay for the amount of storage they use. Also, they are not required to invest more in the device memory.

Cloud storage is really useful in terms of sharing and collaborating. It is estimated that over 50 percent of people make use of cloud storage to share files. Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs start to move from the local storage drive to cloud storage. A lot of cloud storage vendors provide accounts to companies instead of individual users. The reason is that cloud storage vendors have some features which may be rather confused to the personal users and they even do not make use of them very much. Those features could be managing tasks, which is only necessary to businesses.

What is more, a lot of cloud storage vendors provide users with a free plan for those who are in need of just a small amount of the service. Cloud storage vendors provide a high level of data safety, especially for businesses.

If you are taking some cloud storage vendors into consideration, you can easily see that all the options may be similar. Thus, most users start to compare depending on the prices. However, the details that you should focus on when making comparison between cloud storage vendors are collaboration, security and usability level offered by the provider.

What is more, you should also think of the support form the vendor. When you are opting for a cloud storage vendor, you should take into consideration the platform you are using such as Windows, Mac and so on. Some big names have their own platforms for cloud storage such as One Drive from Windows.

If you decide to go with a SaaS vendor, the cost can be reduced because you do not have to pay for the licensing cost. In case the service is not designed with the end-to-end encryption, you can first encrypt your data then deliver it to the cloud for more safety.

Last but not least, before choosing any vendor, you should decide the type of solution that you need. You need to use personally or in a business or both. Then it’s time to have a check for storage space, file limits and any other terms.

Review of iDrive

iDrive is an easy setup service which you can use with any device. You can sync your folder easily and restore your files through email. Last but not least, when uploading something, iDrive comes with a fast speed.

However, the service does not offer continuous backup plans. In fact, the storage is not unlimited as they advertise. But with the pricing, iDrive is considered to be a valuable option.

Review of Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync is a dedicated desktop interface with solid mobile applications and secure folders. Nevertheless, the service is quite costly although there is a lack of high-tech collaboration features. Users also find that it is rather difficult to postpone using the service.

In conclusion, Sugar Sync is an ideal option if you want to use with your mobile applications yet it is rather expensive while lacking some necessary features.

Review for Spider Oak

Spider Oak is a vendor with high specialization in privacy. There is no limit on the computers for each account. Other features can be listed as file syncing, good design and desktop apps with full features.

However, there would be no search in web interface or mobile app. When being tested, the service is reviewed that the performance is rather slow.

Review for One Drive from Microsoft

One Drive is also a famous name, which is well known for its interface. Any operating system can be used with One Drive, from Android to Windows. Especially, the service is well integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365. If you are the one who needs to present online photos and manage them, you should consider this. This is an ideal service to share files and edit documents with a variety of effective features.

Review for Google Drive

First and foremost, Google Drive comes with a large space for free storage. You can enjoy some valuable features such as excellent collaboration, file syncing and so on.

However, the level of security is quite low without password to protect the shared files.

Review for iCloud Drive from Apple

iCloud Drive is regarded to have a slick application and web interfaces. It is also compatible to use with Windows or devices from Apple. When you purchase a device from this big brand, you will receive free 5GB storage.

However, there are some cons that you may face. For instance, there is no Android app that can be used with this service and there will be a lack of some necessary features when it comes to collaboration.

Review for Box

Box is a convenient service to go with. It comes with great functions such as file syncing and good designing to collaborate. On the other hand, the service is quite expensive while there is a lack of some collaboration features that are also offered by other rivals. Finally, the desktop app choices are not unclear as well, which is considered to be a big minus.

Review for Dropbox

Dropbox is the last service to mention in the article. Every operating system’s apps can be integrated into Dropbox. It supports collaboration very effectively and shows history of users’ actions. The service is very great if you are a Pro user.

In spite of the fact that the service is quite simple to utilize, it is rather expensive when being compared to other offerings from Google and Microsoft or Apple.

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