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Adobe Audition CS6

Edit with nicer precision, complete projects quicker, and do more with audio than you ever thought possible with Adobe Audition CS6 software. It provides a high-performance, cross-platform editor that streamlines editing, mixing, and sound design for video, radio, games, and more, Adobe Audition CS6 anticipates the needs of today’s professional audio workflows and allows you to exceed expectations, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting began.

Adobe Audition CS6 offers an intuitive all-in-one audio editing and mixing condition that’s built for video and broadcast workflows, delivering roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere Pro software and smooth project. Designed on an extremely high-powered audio engine, Adobe Audition CS6 offers new functions for editing and sound design, such as real-time clip stretching, automatic speech alignment, and automatic pitch correction, while expanding your production capacity with handle surface support, recordable track automation, several clipboards, HD video playback, native 5.1 surround editing, and some of the best audio sweetening and restoration tools on the market. Designing on the power of past releases, Adobe Audition CS6 provides broader support for audio and video formats and increased output choices such as Redbook CD burning and compliance with the latest ITU loudness standards. New functions for industry-standard metadata, including AES-46 Cart Chunk, facilitate integration into radio automation systems and other broadcast workflows.

With uncompromising audio quality and an intuitive user interface, Adobe Audition CS6 allows you to control even the toughest audio editing tasks fast, to speed up your full production workflow—without changing the way you like to run.

Adobe Audition CS6 functions helps time saving audio editing improvements, such as preview edits with Skip Selection playback mode, clip grouping with Group Suspend, new precise entry of envelope keyframe values, and quick clip spotting with start- or end-time entry.

Trim To Time Selection: Using the Trim To Time Selection requirement, you can instantly trim clips precisely to combine a region selected with the Time Selection tool. Trim clips personally, or trim any clips in a group that fall within the time selection. This can store a plenty of time when spotting or when adapting a soundtrack or dialogue to conform to new edits in a scene.

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